Critical Minerals Overview

Defensive Readiness and a Low-Carbon Future


We believe that a number of long-standing domestic critical mineral production and supply-chain concerns have moved up in importance by at least a decade. It is well documented that the United States currently imports 90-100% of many critical minerals from countries such as China. As American citizens we are sensitive to the fact that the sources and prices of these strategic commodities are largely controlled by those who do not have our national best interests in mind. Following the COVID-19 challenges and related supply shortfalls, we believe there will be longer-lasting wave of realization with regard to domestic critical mineral sourcing and their associated supply-chains.

The critical minerals “issue” is something members of the New Jersey team have followed for decades. While many in the country have been focused on news bites, partisan bickering and selfish political short-sightedness; our defensive readiness has steadily declined. In short, those that are tasked with protecting our future have largely ignored the increased risk to our collective well-being. We now feel the timing is right to add this area of focus from an investor/stakeholder business perspective while providing the added benefit of protecting these national assets from foreign ownership.

Furthermore, our overall business experience tells us that the opportunity for public/private partnerships with regard to strategic mineral use in future technologies, national stockpiles and mineral processing/milling is (finally) here. As a result of the tendency to celebrate the person that leads us out of a crisis as opposed to recognizing the person that kept us out of the crisis in the first place – the long-ignored decline in our country’s critical mineral readiness will not be cured overnight. As a country we cannot comfortably look toward defensive readiness and a low-carbon future without first securing and producing the strategic raw materials necessary to make it happen. (more…)

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