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We Live Here:

New Jersey’s corporate philosophy is a direct reflection of the personal motivations and individual belief systems of our employees and preferred contractors. We live, work, and raise families in the extended communities where we operate, thus we have a deep-seated desire to protect our neighborhoods and environment for future generations. We are committed to preserving the best elements of our history while remaining open to opportunities to restore and protect our environment.

At New Jersey we eat our own cooking. New Jersey has eight father/son/daughter teams within our work force and network, thus we are vested in the protection of the environment and advancement of the company while building the next generation of responsible leaders. And while we respect and work closely with consultants on an as needed basis, we believe that some groups utilize environmental consultants as a form of risk transfer. In short, we feel that one of the best forms of built-in responsibility is gained by working where you live and putting your time and money at risk – and that building and marketing a company around the distant experience of others is a speculative business plan of the past.  (more…)


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